Data Science in Pharma

We provide genomics data solutions for analysis through insight generation.

For Biopharma and Contract Research Organizations Scaling Clinical Trials

We provide genomics data solutions for analysis through insight generation.

For Biopharma and Contract Research Organizations Scaling Clinical Trials

Data Science in Pharma & CROs

Clinical trials require dynamic scalability to service variable sample numbers within fast turnaround times. Configuration of infrastructure for data compliance and connectedness are also important, to ensure secure collaboration between biopharma, clinical research organizations (CROs) and clinical and research centers.

The core BlueBee is the high-performance, configurable data analytics and knowledge management platform, the BlueBee Genomics Platform. The core platform is efficiently defined by you into a unique BlueBee solution, optimized and tested to meet your exact specifications for your genomics data analysis solution. Your BlueBee solution serves as a centralized hub between location dispersed stakeholders including researchers, biopharma, CROs, and clinicians.

Seek insights and knowledge from all data accumulated from a clinical trial. BlueBee’s BlueBase for knowledge management extends from individual sample NGS data analysis. BlueBase serves as a genomics data aggregation and knowledge management solution that is entirely owned and controlled by you. Your BlueBase solution may be accessed per your authorization by biopharma and and other stakeholders on a fee-per-analysis basis. BlueBase captures and stores large volumes and varieties of data to query and mine for diagnostic assay development, clinical trials, or clinical research. As a large data store, BlueBase can handle any type of information whether genotypic, phenotypic, quality management data, patient information as well as assay metadata.

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Scale clinical trials without data-related bottlenecks

Securely connect between teams, globally

Deliver analysis results that are reproducible & traceable

Achieve data compliance across countries with guaranteed data residency

Scale-Up Without Constraints

BlueBee solutions are elastically scalable, responsive to your demand, with a per-sample price model. BlueBee automatically provisions additional computer resources on-the-fly to accommodate growth and expansion without compromising speed, security, accuracy or convenience.

Enrich the Value of Your Clinical Trial Data Sets

Create a secure and compliant environment for data aggregation, enrichment, and mining. A user-friendly interface and powerful datastore that is owned and operated by you enable efficient exploration and generation of novel insights. BlueBee’s BlueBase is integrated as part of your individual sample NGS data analysis pipeline. With BlueBase, your routine data processing and analysis is extended into flexible data aggregation and integration options for insight discovery and knowledge management.

  • Import private data, including subject data, subject genomic data & metadata
  • Populate with private annotations and other proprietary information
  • Populate with relevant public data, including annotations
  • Filter variants based on the curation of published  literature and in silico functional algorithms that you import or select
  • Stratify study subjects with precision

Connect Decentralized Teams and Stakeholders

Your data solution is designed to support team-based work and collaborative exchange with both internal and external stakeholders, under your fine control. BlueBee is designed for secure data access, transfer, and exchange, to any global location.

  • Share raw sequence data and analysis results with your internal and external stakeholders within a unified, controlled system.
  • Apply and share securely custom, proprietary analytical pipelines.
  • Control access to data and analysis via sophisticated access permissions.
  • Perform international collaborations while adhering to local data residency demands.
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