BlueBase for powerful aggregation and learning from volumes of NGS data.

Secure and scalable genomics data analysis solutions tailored to you.

BlueBase for powerful aggregation and learning from volumes of NGS data.

Secure and scalable genomics data analysis solutions tailored to you.

Mine your accumulated data for new insights.

As the number of tested samples, subjects or individual patients increases so does the value of the aggregated data, creating an important and valuable asset for your organization. New insights and products, assay quality improvements and new knowledge insights for clinical purposes are all within reach using BlueBase. The accumulated information on thousands to hundreds of thousands of samples is readily available for mining at your fingertips.


  • Routine analysis through complete knowledge management of aggregated data. Compatible with any next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform, clinical or research genomics application and method (WGS, WES, RNA, targeted DNA/RNA, single-cell, more) with no limit to input data origin or type.
  • All data collected in BlueBase is the property of you, the BlueBee solution owner, and stored in a regulatory compliant and secure fashion.
  • Enables learning from routine test data to improve assay development, identify new biomarkers, stratify patients and inform clinical care.
  • Data sharing is subject to strict ethical and regulatory requirements. BlueBase provides built-in functionality to securely share (sub)sets of your aggregated data with third parties. All data access is monitored and audited.

BlueBase schematic

  1. Sequence and analyze any number of individual samples
  2. Aggregate the data
  3. Add and connect annotations, metadata, other data types
  4. Query across all data for clinically relevant knowledge
NGS Analysis Software BlueBase Schematic

BlueBase empowers diagnostic kit and assay developers, clinical labs and investigators of large studies such as population-scale initiatives to aggregate, manage and query their own vast datasets on the back of routine next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis.

BlueBase is a genomics data aggregation and knowledge management solution designed to flexibly accommodate any query and any number of data types, at any scale. BlueBase is a knowledge store that flexibly integrates data, metadata, annotations, patient information and more for you to power your big data queries with data volume and quality.

BlueBase enables you to extract novel insights from accumulated data from your BlueFlow or BlueVantage workflows. BlueBase may be harnessed on a pay-per-analysis basis. BlueBase enables you to easily achieve powerful data aggregation, insight generation and knowledge management, creating enhanced value from your routine genomics.


Ready to get started?

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Enhance the value of your data over time

Seamlessly integrate routine analysis with learning

Control costs with your data solution

Mine data within a secure and compliant solution

Mine the Value of Your Data

BlueBase enables you to build and control your own flexible data store with ease and at scale. Integrate clinically-relevant information with your NGS assays and tests. Growing knowledge from your data becomes an in-house capability. Accumulated information on thousands of patients or subjects is readily available for mining at your fingertips, at any point in time. Automated integration with external public (reference) datasets empowers all of your stakeholders engaged in product development, bioinformatics, and quality control to report on the tests carried out and search for new, valuable information. BlueBase also enables you to answer any question that might be put forth by external partners.

Operate your Data Store with Security and Data Compliance

You own your data and BlueBase solution. All data collected in BlueBase is the property of the user and stored in a regulatory compliant and highly secured fashion. As all other BlueBee solutions, BlueBase has been built in a secure and compliant way “by design and by default.” Security mechanisms include end-to-end encryption of the data both in flight and at rest, granular access control and full audit on both data injection and retrieval. BlueBee provides ways to store and select sensitive data based on consent information, and all access to the data is subject to audit trails and user access rights that can be revoked at any time. HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and more levels of global compliance are actively maintained by BlueBee. 

Evolve and Scale Your Knowledge Base, Flexibly

BlueBee’s private cloud deployment model ensures virtually unlimited access to storage and computational power. Combined with the powerful data aggregation and mining capabilities of BlueBase, the solution will allow standard queries of data warehouses in the terabyte (TB) scale in a matter of seconds.

Predict and Control Costs

BlueBase is offered on a pay-as-you-go model without the need for an upfront investment. This means that you can start with a very small dataset and allow it to grow over time without technical limitations while keeping cost predictable and under control.

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