BlueFlow for optimized NGS data to report.

Secure and scalable genomics data analysis solutions tailored to you.

BlueFlow for optimized NGS data to report.

Secure and scalable genomics data analysis solutions tailored to you.

Create your fit-for-purpose genomics data solution.

BlueFlow is developed on the BlueBee Genomics Platform. BlueFlow applications serve routine data processing and analysis, report generation and secure data management. Define your BlueBee solution to meet your current objectives and requirements with precision and evolve your solution over time.

BlueBee Genomics Platform is efficiently customized with application tiers for you:


  • Extends from the core BlueBee Genomics Platform. Serves individual sample and project workflows, at any scale. Fit-for-purpose solutions serve NGS data processing, analysis, data storage, management and data delivery are included in an all-in price per sample model.
  • Compatible with any next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform, clinical or research genomics application, and method (WGS, WES, RNA, targeted DNA/RNA, single-cell, more) with no limits to input data origin or type.
  • BlueFlow is extensible, ready to evolve with you. Add your custom features and branded user interface with BlueVantage. Extend from your BlueFlow solution for routine data analysis to include aggregate data analysis and knowledge management with BlueBase.

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Standardize your analysis pipeline for your assay

Perform consistently regardless of volume

Keep your data protected and compliant

Ensure cost predictability of your data solution

Your Centralized Hub

With fine control and role-based permissions, you decide who accesses your solution, at what permissions level and when. Collaboration and data distribution are under your control. An aggregated view of all users and analyses provides a centralized window into user activity, user success, assay quality control and performance. You have complete control over who is active in your BlueBee solution. You are connected to your end user network to send targeted messages keeping your end users and stakeholders supported and informed. All activities within your data solution are audited, recorded and viewable at all times.

Streamlined Ease-of-Use

Even without bioinformatics expertise, your end user confidently launches complex pipelines defined by your bioinformaticians with the push of a button. This serves to empower laboratory staff, alleviate analysis bottlenecks and standardize data processing and analysis for use with you assay kit or within your routine testing laboratory. Your genomics data analysis pipelines are optimized and streamlined as a BlueFlow application on the core BlueBee Genomics Platform. Robust performance and consistent turnaround times are achieved, no matter the sample volume. When the analysis is complete, your user receives a notification. With your centralized view, you know if your customer or end user was successful or if support may be needed. 

Best in Class Support for You and Your End Users, Globally

Your BlueBee solution includes 24/7, global support response for you and for your end users. Your BlueFlow solution includes a support ticketing system to track, triage and respond via BlueBee support staff. Scalable support is resourced for you as part of your BlueBee solution. We ensure your staff’s success with your BlueBee solution and are here for you when your needs evolve. Our partner relationships are long-term and include dedicated, transparent and continuous support.

Connected to Securely Deliver

Regardless of how sophisticated the analysis, the final step of your BlueFlow solution is the delivery of results, including a web-accessible, easy-to-digest report with clearly identified actionable information. The report format and content are defined by you and we work to bring this to life in an optimized manner. Data is managed with security, accessibility and efficiency in mind according to your desired data management protocol. Results files are distributable within BlueBee with complete encryption and audit log tracking, suitable for clinical testing lab applications.

BlueBee makes validated and well-documented open-access programs accessible while maintaining transparency. It is simple to use and clearly guides you through the steps in the data analysis pipeline.

Sheina B. Sim

University of Hawaii

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