BlueVantage to integrate with your genomics assay for sample-to-report success.

Secure and scalable genomics data analysis solutions tailored to you.

BlueVantage to integrate with your genomics assay for sample-to-report success.

Secure and scalable genomics data analysis solutions tailored to you.

Deliver the full benefit of your assay and brand.

Grow your market share with an end-to-end assay solution. Brand your assay’s data solution as your own. Serve as a centralized hub to all end users. Achieve a strategic, centralized vantage point into assay performance and usage patterns from your end user customer base, globally.


  • Ideal for diagnostic or research assay manufacturers who wish to expand their market with a sample-to-report integrated offering.
  • Compatible with any next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform and method (WGS, WES, RNA, targeted DNA/RNA, single-cell, multiomics and more) with no limits to your science and scale.
  • ISO 13485 medical device compliance to support diagnostic assay products and clinical testing services.
  • Knowledge-management ready, with a seamless path to BlueBee’s BlueBase for data aggregation, enrichment and mining for assay performance, new candidate drug targets, biomarkers and more.


Enable your customers to achieve analyzed results faster and without barriers. Integrating a BlueBee NGS data analysis solution with your assay offering delivers a ready-to-go, end-to-end solution for your customers. Confidence is inspired as optimal assay performance is achieved, by using an analytical pipeline that you have validated specifically for your assay.

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Increase your product market share

Expand your business with global data centers

Ensure profitability of your data solution

Standardize an analysis pipeline for your assay


The BlueBee Genomics Platform offers a fully configurable data solution for diagnostic or assay manufacturers or direct to high-throughput laboratories—complete turnkey or options for backend integration. BlueVantage extends from the core platform and includes all benefits and features of BlueFlow plus additional functionality and customization for your brand, user interface, report generation and more.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) secondary data analysis through your custom clinical or research report generation are served for any method or application. Secure and user-controlled data distribution, collaboration, data and knowledge management are built in for you to include as value additions for your customer and your organization, virtually eliminating all data-related barriers to using your technology. You define your BlueBee solution, determine how you deliver to your market and leverage insights and learning for your scientific and business advantage. Enhance the value of your genomics offering and brand.

Your User-Centric Design and Data Residency Guarantee

Even without bioinformatics expertise, your customer or end user confidently launches complex pipelines that have been defined by you and optimized by BlueBee for robust performance and consistent turn-around times. This provides standardization and operational efficiencies for laboratories using your assay. All activities are audit tracked and logged, for your full transparency and control.

BlueBee guarantees that your customer’s data resides exactly it needs to, and nowhere else. In many geographies and for some organizations, data must reside within country or even within more specific boundaries. BlueBee offers “Data Residency Control” in state-of-the art data centers across The Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific ensuring that data remains in region. BlueBee maintains data compliance certificates globally, including ISO 27001 and ISO 13485, and more.

Global Support for Your Customers

Your BlueBee solution includes a built-in support ticketing system that ensures 24/7, global response to all of your customer queries. For assay manufacturers or service providers, no customer or end user issue will ever fall through the cracks. Fast direct responses or triaged actions are completed. With BlueBee, your end user support resources scale proportionally with your growth.

Draw Strategic Scientific and Business Insights

Predict and support your market with a centralized vantage point for all data solution activity. Gain business-relevant insights, such as assay consumption patterns to support forecasting for product management, sales and service teams. Track quality control metrics for benchmarking and assessing performance consistency over time. For strategic external collaborations with key customers or consortia, hospitals, biopharma, or other, provide a secure, seamless environment to aggregate, enrich and mine big data from a variety of sources. Find new biomarkers with diagnostic potential, assay performance indicators, or ways to improve disease classification and patient stratification. Data-enablement is multi-level with BlueBee– for your end users to progress their science and testing services, and for you as a partner to best serve your end users and grow your market.  

Your Brand, Delivered

Regardless of how technically complex your data processing and analysis are, the final step of a BlueBee workflow is the delivery of a streamlined, fit-for-purpose report for your clinical or research assay. Report delivery for laboratories is instantly achieved through your secure and compliant web portal, which may be accessed by any end user that you authorize with role-based permissions. Complete audit tracking is in place, monitoring every exchange and transaction from your network of end users and stakeholders. Defined and designed by you, the report serves as an additional touchpoint of your brand with clearly identified, actionable information and easy-to-understand visualizations.

BlueBee solutions typically go from concept to deployment in 6-12 weeks, depending on the number of pipeline iterations. This includes testing and technical validation.

BlueBee serves as an extension of your team. Our customer relationships are long-term and include dedicated, transparent and continuous support.

Enrich your customer’s experience. Realize the full benefit of your assay product or laboratory service. BlueBee is an investment in you and your technology, now and into the future.

We picked a great partner…BlueBee’s worldwide data center contracts and security and compliance allowed us the portability of expanding the system anywhere we need it.

Chris Wilson

Director of IT


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