For Clinical Genomics NGS Testing

We provide genomics data solutions to bring more value from data to your clinical lab.

For Clinical Genomics Testing Laboratories

We provide genomics data solutions to bring more value from data to your clinical lab.

For Clinical Genomics Testing Laboratories

Clinical Genomics NGS Software Testing Labs

Realize the full potential of optimized clinical genomics data workflows, tailored for your specific lab. Extend the value of your routine testing to include aggregate data insights across consented patient data sets.

Your precision-based testing deserves precision-optimized data solutions. BlueBee solutions combine high-performance computing with streamlined ease of use. Data solutions are tailored to match your laboratory needs on scientific, regulatory, technological, and operational levels. BlueBee clinical-grade solutions are designed to work for you, so that you can work for clinical impact.

  • Use BlueBee across your lab menu for scientific and operational consistency and scalability.
  • Fit your comprehensive bioinformatics solution into a fixed fee-per-sample for budget efficiency and predictability.
  • Operate with robust data security and compliance, including guaranteed data residency.
  • Offer new insights to your clinical stakeholders through aggregate data mining in a secure and compliant, integrated solution.

Clinical NGS Lab Solutions Give 6-12 Weeks from Concept to DeploymentBlueBee solutions are fit-for-purpose for your clinical lab. Concept to deployment in 6-12 weeks, including testing and technical validation.

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BlueBee Genomics Data Analysis: Secure and Globally Compliant

Grow your clinical service portfolio

Control informatics costs with price-per-sample

Scale dynamically based on sample volumes 

Integrate knowledge for more clinical value

Define Your Solution

BlueBee pipelines are defined with you for each of your routine NGS assays. BlueBee provides full transparency and documentation to assist with regulatory submissions.

Automate for Standardized Quality and Efficiency

Generate raw data with any next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform or any other technology. Easily and automatically encrypt and upload data to your private BlueBee solution. Data from your NGS instrument automatically feeds into your BlueBee data solution as part of your defined, automated workflow. Integration with your LIMS or other systems or software is supported by BlueBee. 

Generate a Custom Report for Your Lab

Analysis-through-reporting is automated based on your defined pipeline, achieving a standardized, efficient workflow. Integrate any interpretation, reporting guidelines or other systems and tools.

Deliver with Expedience to Your Stakeholders

Share data and results efficiently and securely with your clinical stakeholders– pathologists, genetic counsellors, clinicians, clinical trial sponsors, partners, and others you authorize.

Achieve New Knowledge and Clinical Value

Easily aggregate and mine data using BlueBee’s BlueBase, to query and learn from routine testing. Enrich data with additional annotation sources. Generate new insights and clinically-relevant knowledge.


  • Standardizes and automates complete NGS analysis and data management for routine workflows.
  • Tracks your sample, providing a full and transparent view on all stages of your sample analytics– from wet-lab to report delivery.
  • Offers your clinical testing lab complete control over your bioinformatics pipelines.
  • Inputs raw data from any NGS platform or other technology, for any clinical application (NIPT, Oncology, inherited disease, infectious disease, pharmacogenomics, other), and any method (WGS, WES, targeted DNA/RNA, other), at any scale.
  • Supports clinical applications with multi-layered security, private cloud technology and global data compliance including HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, and more.
  • Guarantees data residency.

Offers your clinical testing lab complete control over your data solution now and for the future.

Benefits and progress in precision health and medicine do not occur on their own. Our customer relationships are long-term and include dedicated, transparent and continuous support. We ensure your staff’s success with your BlueBee solution and are here for you when your needs evolve.

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