The Genomics Data Analysis Solution that you Define.

Fit-for-purpose. Clinical-grade security. Global data compliance.

The Genomics Data Analysis Solution that you Define.

Fit-for-purpose. Clinical-grade security. Global data compliance.

Leverage the efficient customization path of the BlueBee Genomics Platform.

You own and control your BlueBee data solution. BlueBee serves you, as an extension of your team to bring your optimized data analysis solution to market at an accelerated pace. You define your BlueBee solution on three levels—Science, technology and operations, and we work to ensure that it performs to bring you maximum value.

To conceptualize your BlueBee solution, we consider with you your genomics assay, analytical pipeline needs, report needs, delivery goals, volume projections and UI/UX requirements from a cross-functional perspective. We collaborate to ensure that your solution definition is extensible, serving you optimally now and into the future as your growth and genomics assay offerings evolve.

BlueBee solutions are typically achieved in 6-12 weeks, including testing and technical validation. Once your analytical pipeline is defined, it is developed on the BlueBee Genomics Platform with complete transparency and in partnership with you.

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Introduction to BlueBee


Lift-over your existing pipelines

Optimize your pipeline in Science and scale

Leverage a BlueBee reference pipeline to further tailor and optimize

Explore new pipeline concepts with our bioinformatics team

Raw Data to Report

Define your routine next-generation sequencing (NGS) data to report workflow for efficiency, security and scalability. Optimize performance and volume potential for your end user. BlueBee solutions integrate seamlessly at the assay level and streamline the end user’s experience for NGS secondary data analysis through report generation and data management.

Multi-Level Insights

BlueBee solutions are designed to equally serve end users and our commercial partners– assay manufacturers, service providers and large-scale population project initiatives. BlueBee enables both business and scientific insights that help you support your customers and grow your market. Monitor assay consumption and usage patterns of all assays run globally from a single, centralized view. Track quality control with each analysis run. See all support tickets to understand your end user’s experience and areas of potential improvement. BlueBee is a unique partnership that serves you with the common goal of achieving maximum value from genomics.

Power your Learning

Beyond individual sample analysis, aggregate, enrich, and learn from your data. Capture and store large volumes and varieties of data. Query and mine for diagnostic assay development, large research studies or clinical analyses. As a large data store, your BlueBee solution handles any type of information whether genotypic, phenotypic, quality management data, patient information as well as meta-data related to specific NGS assays. Explore and operate your private big data store with ease. Generate novel insights.

Once goals and basic functional application tiers are defined, we work with you to efficiently develop and test your high-performance analytical pipeline. There are three basic ways to achieve this:

Conceptualize new pipelines

Starting with a concept, leverage BlueBee genomics and bioinformatics experts to explore optimization of your existing NGS data analysis pipeline or new pipeline options.

Kick-start with reference pipelines

An extensive library of NGS data analysis reference pipelines from BlueBee is available. Demo a reference pipeline based on gold standard algorithms and efficiently kick-start your optimized, fit-for-purpose configuration.

Lift-over your proprietary or gold standard analysis pipelines

The BlueBee team offers migration services for your existing NGS data analysis pipelines. Your pipelines may be public or proprietary to you. Migrate to BlueBee to achieve fit-for-purpose optimization. Global reach, global data compliance, data residency guarantee, multi-level security and dynamic scale are immediately achieved as foundational platform for your validated pipeline.

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