High Throughput Data Analysis

We provide flexible and future-proof complete genomics data solutions tailored for you.

For High-throughput Service Laboratories

We provide flexible and future-proof complete genomics data solutions tailored for you.

For High-throughput Service Laboratories

High-throughput NGS Data Analysis Solutions

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data volume is growing exponentially. Whether population genomics, clinical trials, large translational projects or other large-scale genomics projects– ensure that data challenges are not a barrier or bottleneck. Process, analyze, manage, and distribute massive quantities of data within a moment’s notice.

BlueBee is the industry’s highly configurable private cloud platform that accommodates any routine genomics application at any scale. BlueBee allows you to add new analytical pipelines, sequencing platforms, assays and system integrations to your end-to-end data solution. Save on computational infrastructure and maintenance while achieving high-performance genomics data applications tailored to your lab.

Maximize your high-throughput NGS analysis capabilities:

  • Compatible with any NGS technology and method
  • Retain control and flexibility for a future-proof solution
  • Expand your digital offering on a per analysis basis for aggregate data queries for large-scale projects

Reduce your computational infrastructure footprint for a solution that pulses precisely with your demand and is configured in partnership with you to match your lab. Concept to deployment in 6-12 weeks, including testing and technical validation.

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BlueBee Genomics Data Analysis: Secure, Globally Compliant & Scalable

Expand your market & operate dynamically

Edit or create pipelines for new algorithms & assays

Decrease turnaround times & reduce expenses

Link collaborators and enable aggregate data insights

Automate your Data Workflows

Automate your data workflow and track samples from wet lab through data and report distribution. Monitor QC through the workflow. Transfer data within your secure data solution, without shipping hard drives. Data encryption and audit log tracking apply to your data both in flight and at rest.

Your Fit-for-Purpose Data Solution

BlueBee pipelines are defined with you. BlueBee provides full transparency and documentation to support regulatory submissions, internal protocol management and publications. Apply your organization’s brand and desired user interface to your data solution. Expand your market locally or internationally.

Your Data Workhorse Across Technologies

Generate raw data with any next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform or any other technology. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest and automatically uploaded to your private cloud BlueBee solution. Receive a notification at the predicted time when, “Your results are ready.” Review QC and ship directly without hard drives and with secure, data encryption and audit log tracking.

End-to-End Solution for Complete Data-Enablement

Data upload, processing, and analysis through report data workflow steps are automated, achieving a standardized and efficient workflow. Secure data storage, including guaranteed data residency is included.

Connect and Deliver with Expedience

Share data and results securely with your customers– researchers, clinical trial sponsors, partners, and others you authorize. In turn, BlueBee enables their collaborative exchange under your admin control. You become a centralized hub.

Predict and Scale Bioinformatics at Pace with Your Customer Demand

Your BlueBee solution is designed to fit within a fixed, ‘fee-per-sample’ price model. Unlike traditional software or infrastructure, the total cost for BlueBee scales predictably with sample volume. Computational resources are provisioned on-the-fly to handle high surges in demand.


  • Standardizes and automates complete NGS analysis and data management for routine workflows.
  • Tracks your sample, providing a full and transparent view on all stages of your sample analytics– from wet-lab to results delivery.
  • Offers your high-throughput testing lab control over your bioinformatics pipelines.
  • Inputs raw data from any NGS platform or other technology, for any application and any method (WGS, WES, RNA-Seq, targeted DNA/RNA, other), at any scale.
  • Supports clinical applications with multi-layered security, private cloud technology and global data compliance including HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, and more.
  • Guarantees data residency.
  • Offers your high-throughput services lab complete control over your data solution now and for the future.

BlueBee serves as an extension of your team. Our customer relationships are long-term and include dedicated, transparent and continuous support. We ensure your staff’s success with your BlueBee solution and are here for you when your needs evolve.

Depending on the data, we are typically seeing between 10-20x acceleration for BWA-ALN and 3-4x acceleration for BWA-MEM, which is substantial. Our entire bioinformatics workflow is reduced by 50%, which directly translates in doubling our capacity.

Dr. Barbara Hutter

Team Leader Clinical Bioinformatics

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