Scale for Demand, Elastically

Future-proof your high-throughput genomics services lab without extra compute infrastructure.

The Challenge

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data is growing exponentially. Applications such as high volume single-cell genomics, consumer genomics, population-scale, large cohort studies and genomics-based clinical trials are fueling this growth. Traditionally, continuous investments in infrastructure are required to enable the scale-up of analytical data workflows. These types of investments tend to be costly.

The BlueBee Solution

BlueBee offers a complete genomics data solution, integrated with diagnostic or research assay kits or deployed directly to serve clinical or other high-throughput genomics service labs. For clinical or commercial labs, day-to-day scalability and longer-term growth are critical. BlueBee ensures that even the largest scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) projects may be accommodated within a moment’s notice and without risk.

Standardization in pipelines is key in international collaboration.

Dr. Benedikt Brors,

Division Head, Applied Bioinformatics DKFZ

BlueBee solutions are dynamically scalable to respond to demand. BlueBee automatically provisions additional computer resources on-the-fly to accommodate changes in volume without compromising speed, accuracy or convenience. BlueBee is deployed on private cloud and runs on dedicated servers with guaranteed data residency, ensuring the highest degree of isolation and controlled data location. This combination allows your fit-for-purpose BlueBee solution to deliver the highest level of data security without compromising processing performance or scalability.

Your analytical and data management workflows on BlueBee are suited for both individual and aggregate data. Analyze and query your routine analysis data sample-by-sample and as it accumulates over time in aggregate data sets. Scale not just volume, but insight generation.

For BlueBee partners that bundle a BlueBee solution into a commercial offering, whether an assay kit or service lab offering, bioinformatics and IT infrastructure are achieved essentially as a cost neutral function. Data-related compute infrastructure costs are eliminated while dynamic scalability is virtually limitless.

The BlueBee Advantage

We provide our assay manufacturer and high-throughput service lab partners with the freedom to scale and expand market share without restructuring, investing in data storage infrastructure, or paying upfront costs for cloud storage or analytics software. In turn, our on-demand scalable sequencing data analysis platform supports surges in data processing when needed for high-throughput clinical and research service laboratories. This allows you the peace of mind to grow data sets and increase analytical power at your pace, in the same place. Moreover, single location data storage for laboratory end users allows you to leverage accumulated knowledge by utilizing our BlueBase solution suite. Query targets over various datasets of limitless size, thus facilitating highly powered target discovery.

BlueBee achieves unlimited scaling capacity for sequencing data analysis, knowledge management and data storage. We are driven by data-enablement of your high-throughput population-scale genomics, clinical trials and other large-scale projects. We believe that bioinformatics service offerings are no longer secondary to your NGS wet-lab services, but at the core of your integrated offering. 

BlueBee ensures guaranteed turnaround times.

Marco Pietschmann,

Director IT & Quality Management
GATC Biotech

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